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Melt Treatment and Green Preparation
Researchers: Guohua Wu, HaiYan Jiang, Wanru Huang, etc.
This research field is mainly focused on the smelting, purification and ecological environment coordinated researches for the magnesium alloy and the aluminum alloy. The research areas include flux purification, gas purification, filtration purification, electromagnetic purification, green protective gas and so on. Series refining flux, special smelting purification stove, the large-scale MgO foam ceramics filter, etc were developed. This lab. has a series of intellectual property rights on purification equipment, materials and process in the light alloys. In recent years, has undertaken more than 20 research projects of the country, provincial and ministerial level, has published nearly 100 academic papers, and have been authorized more than 20 invention patents. Patent achievement “Rare-earth magnesium alloy purification flux and its production method” was awarded the second prize of outstanding research achievements by state Ministry of Education in 2009.