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Corrosion and Protection of Mg Alloy
Researchers:Xingwu Guo; Yongkui Zhu; Yongchang Huang; Jiangwei Chang, etc
In this research field corrosion and protection of magnesium alloys are mainly studied. Areas of corrosion research include: (1) Galvanic corrosion ; (2) Effects of alloy elements and impurities; (3) Corrosion behaviors in special environments such as NaCl solution, Hank’s solution, coolant of automobile engine; etc. ).(4) Corrosion evaluation and measurement; of different magnesium alloys.  Areas of protection research include: (1) Electroplating and electroless plating; (2) Chemical conversion coating; (3) Anodizing and Plasma electrolytic oxidation(PEO); (4) Electrophoresis and Thermal spraying;(5) PVD and ion implantation;(6)Solution nitriding and oxidation.