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Plastic forming and control of Mg alloys
Researchers: Jie Dong, Li Jin, Zhengyan Zhang, Hanling Ding, Xiaoming Tang, etc.
In this research field plastic deformation behaviors of magnesium alloys and their forming technologies are mainly studied. Deformation behaviors of AZ31, AZ61, ZK60, JDBM1 and JDBM2 were studied at room and high temperature. The strength and plastic formability were greatly improved by employing some methods such as rare earth alloying, grain refinement, texture controlling. Some new forming technologies, such as subcurrent continuous DC casting, extrusion and bending, isothermal rolling, differential temperature deep drawing, forging and so on, were developed. Many types of rods, tubes, plates, sheets and sections of wrought magnesium alloys were produced, aiming to enlarge their application.