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Liquid forming and control of Mg alloys
 Researchers: Liming Peng, Yingxin Wang, Penghuai Fu, Zhiheng Hu, etc. 
This research field aims at the research on solidification behaviors, microstructure control and new casting processes of magnesium alloys. Especially for the engineering issues of newly patented high-strength alloys JDM1 and JDM2, a variety of precision casting techniques for complex Mg alloy components have been systemically developed, including an indirect squeeze casting process, two-furnace continuous LPC (LPDC and LPSC) process, precision sand casting process, coating-transfer coremaking process, counter-pressure casting process, etc. And some new types of auxiliary materials such as a long-life permanent mold coating and sand core ignition-inhibitor were invented. Via the modeling and numerical simulation techniques of casting procedures, some scale-up Mg key components, such as full-Mg V6 engine blocks (the first one worldwide), car wheels, and helicopter transmission cases etc, were successfully developed.