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Brief Introduction of Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center
Light Alloy Net Forming National Engineering Research Center (LAF-NERC) was found in March 2000, by the Chinese government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). The director of LAF center is Professor Wenjiang Ding, a famous researcher of Magnesium alloys. By more than ten years development, now, LAF center is one of the most important research centers on Magnesium Materials in China, also one of the biggest research teams on Magnesium alloys in the world. LAF center mainly covers seven different research fields, including the development of high performance magnesium alloys, casting process technology, plastic deformation process technology, magnesium alloy melt purification technology, surface coating and protection technology, magnesium biological materials and magnesium energy storage materials. LAF center now has 7 professors, 15 associate professor, 4 assistant researchers and 6 post-doctors.
LAF center, formerly the nonferrous metal research group, began its research as early as in 1950s. From 1950s to 1980s, Aluminum alloys development and forming technology were mainly research field of this group. One of representative research findings is call “JD” Aluminum alloy, which were widely used in national defence productions. From the early of 1980s, the group started its research on Magnesium alloys. More then ten years later, LAF center was found. Till now, LAF center has already accumulated its research on light alloys through three generations and more than 50 years.
Based on its research target “Develop Magnesium technology, and Carry out industrialization”, LAF center consists of two parts. One part locates on the Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which mainly focus its attention on basic research of magnesium alloys. The other part locates in Songjiang High Technology Industrial Zone, Shanghai, and does the research on alloy forming technology, based on which magnesium alloys can have actual application. Promoted by this “Industry-Academia-Research” mode, LAF center has been charged with more than 60 national research programs, published more than 500 papers, gained more than 100 China Patents, awarded by Chinese government 15 times. Now, 4 research findings were already put into actual application.
LAF center now has about 60 candidates for Master's Degree and Doctor's Degree. LAF center spares no effort on training its students into qualified researcher on Magnesium Materials with solid and broad theoretical foundation, complex knowledge structure, and international communicative ability. Excellent students will be sent abroad for further research training.
By scholar visiting projects and students exchanging, LAF center has established a close international collaboration with research institutes in US, Japan, Australia, Korea, etc. LAF center also dedicates to the development and innovation of Chinese Magnesium Industry by cooperation with Chinese research groups and magnesium related enterprises. Now, LAF center has become the demonstration and technology transformation center of Chinese Magnesium Industry, and supported the industry development by technology innovation and qualified researcher training.