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Advanced Mg Alloys
The research field include design, alloying and strengthening mechanism of advanced Mg alloys, developing new technology such as diecsting for creep-resistant Mg alloy, permanent mould casting and squeeze casting for piston, cyclic extrusion and compression, repeated compression deformation, solid-state recycling from machined chips and so on. The developed Mg alloys have been applied into powertrain parts, airspace and etc. The achievements include more than 60 patents, 200 papers and some awards.
Group People:  

Postdocs: Vit Janik (Czech), Maoliang Hu

Graduate Students: Wei Guo, Dongdi Yin, Xintao Liu, Hao Zhou, Teng Liu, Yang Zhao, Li Zhang, Jingwang Sun, Fabien Mollet (France), Jiao Miao, Zhenxing Liang, Jie Yuan  

Collaboration Colleagues:

Hans J. Roven (Norway), J. J. Blandin (France), Yuntian T. Zhu (USA), Xiaochun Li (USA), Michel Suery (France)



 1. Advanced Mg Alloys with High Properties


2. Creep-resistant Mg Alloys

Creep-resistant Mg Alloys can be used in automotive powertrain components working up to 200°C.


3. Cast Heat-resistant Mg Alloys

Cast heat-resistant Mg Alloys can be used in engine components working up to 300°C.


4. Wrought Heat-resistant Mg Alloys

Developed high strength Mg-RE alloys have strength more than 500MPa at room temperature and more than 250MPa at 300°C, we can provide their ingots, bars, shapes and sheets.


5. Mg-Al-Ca series Diecasting Creep-resistant Alloys


6. Strengthening Mechanism of Mg-RE Alloys


7. Solid-state Recycling Processing


8. Severe Plastic Deformation